About Shieldsters

Who we are:  Shieldsters is a high-end programming house located in Waterloo, Ontario. Our portfolio includes projects developed over the past 13 years throughout a wide variety of market sectors including financial, insurance, high-tech, healthcare, advertising, fashion, automotive, manufacturing, communications and more.

What we do:  We offer complete online solutions including content managed websites, custom database applications, digital promotional and tracking systems, bot development, 3D animations and more. We custom program to meet your creative and ensure that function and design work in tandem in order to achieve interactivity alongside effective brand recognition and appropriate client messaging. While we focus highly on ensuring your brand recognition, we remain invisible, working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

Shieldsters operates with a particular emphasis on privacy and security of information stored online and in transit. Non-disclosures are always available to ensure the utmost confidentiality for your company and/or project.

How we can help you:  As a modular plug-in company, our goal is to complement and enhance your current in-house ability… on time, on budget and to the pixel.

For additional information such as project management, onsite consultation or security services, please contact our office for details.

Click here to download a copy of our our brochure.